We focus on EBITDA to provide asset-based finance solutions to sponsors & their portfolio companies. 

Hedge against market uncertainties with diversified financing for your capex needs and increase liquidity ratios across the board through Liberty's Sponsor Finance. We offer many tailored benefits for both the private equity parent companies and their portfolios including the following:

  • Attractive risk-adjusted rates for private equity portfolios
  • Complementary capital resources resulting in diversified funding pools for private equity firms
  • Conservation of dry powder for investment on projects that produce higher ROE than capital tied up in depreciating assets
  • Strong customer support for private equity sponsor finance; services increasing rare in the highly regulated, risk-adverse banking sector. 

Equipment financing with Liberty offers the private equity owner the option to recapitalize, especially for non-rated, smaller or middle-market acquired companies that may have trouble accessing capital markets. Our focus is on EBITDA (not net worth, leverage or net income) to provide asset-based finance solutions in support of aggressive growth goals. Our transactional expertise and transparency sets us apart and serves as a cornerstone in all our private equity partnerships.

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We have a solid track record realizing and generating exceptional results and returns for all stakeholders. We have cultivated a team of expert Private Equity and Investment Banking industry veterans with over 135 years of combined experience. Leverage our team to realize your portfolio companies aggressive growth goals.