Steady Growth Ahead: US Economic Outlook for 2019

While Liberty experienced over 300% growth in 2018, the larger economy played a critical role in our success. U.S. GDP growth in 2018 was a full 3 percent and unemployment was at record lows.


New GAAP Accounting Rules Run Amuck?

While the new GAAP accounting rules will initially require companies to re-evaluate existing leases and develop new processes and reporting, many of the changes are relatively neutral.

Year 2019, Two Thousand Nineteen on a timeline.

Are New Years Revenue Resolutions On Your Radar?

Between the recovery from the holidays and the hustle of hitting your financial end-of-year targets on January 31, new years revenue resolutions for your business can become a ‘back burner’ task that just nags you all year long.


Tax Reform & Its Impact on Equipment Financing For Small Business Owners

After analyzing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, here are our key findings that business owners need to know when addressing their equipment financing needs going forward.


Rent or Buy? Consider Liberty’s First Amendment Leases

Today, a full deck of variables like technological obsolesces, economic useful life, equipment’s future value and resale-ability and more, makes structuring equipment financing transactions both a financial art and science.

Dollars Cash Money Closeup

Equipment Financing in a Strong Economy

The United States bull market turned nine at the end of 2017. In what was described as a “better than average” year, the U.S. economy now begins 2018 with growing GDP and optimistic sentiments behind it.


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